The Tao of Chronos

In an ideal world, we would set about our work with perfect clarity. We would know the steps ahead of us, as well as every date of delivery, with precision.

But we live in the real world. Here, yesterday's plans quickly become stale by new requirements and new understanding.

Like the software developer's code, when the dynamic world changes, we don't give up on coding altogether. Nor do we throw away all of our code. We refactor.

It is the same with plans: that is to say, planning is a dynamic activity. “Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable,” as the eminently wise saying goes.

Chronos embraces plans (linear sequences of tasks), and plan refactoring — making the continuous activity of planning fast, intuitive and reactive.

Following a simple rule and using estimates as the means to “check off” completed tasks, we speak the same language for both past and future, and our plans converge on perfect accuracy, leaving a day-to-day historical record of our time spent on any creative project or effort.

And as with any asymptotic path toward mastery, this repetition of continuous planning means that our own estimation abilities develop toward greater & greater accuracy.

Chronos makes this path lightweight and natural, with minimal process.

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