Keyboard Shortcuts

Action macos macos macos
New Task ⌘T coming soon
Select Next Task j or
Select Previous Task k or
Enter Editing Mode
Jump to Notes Editor
& Enter Editing Mode
Delete Task , or #
Undo / Redo Delete ⌘Z / ⇧⌘Z
Move Task Up / Down ⇧k or ⇧↑ / ⇧j or ⇧↓
Home / End /
Search /
Edit Plan ⌘P
New Plan ⇧⌘P
Switch Plan
(Forward / Backward)
⌃⇥ / ⇧⌃⇥
Preferences ⌘,
while in Editing Mode
Cycle Focus Forward
Cycle Focus Backward ⇧⇥
Leave Editing Mode
(Saves Task)
or ⌘S
Edit Same Field
of Next Task
Edit Same Field
of Previous Task